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Bottled Cocktails

Even as we are bartenders ourselves, we often wonder what to do with our guests at home parties or other meetings. We always have to look for some compromise because the time we spend in the kitchen (home bar) to make cocktails is also the time when we are "at work" again and cannot fully enjoy the company of friends.

Bottled cocktails are a perfect solution for such occasions. Our bottled cocktails have from 9% to 12% alcohol, so you can enjoy them like wine, and we always make sure that they contain seasonal and popular flavours.

All you have to do is get drunk, that they are stored in a cool place (preferably in a refrigerator) and that you have a sufficient supply of ice in the freezer. Before opening the bottle it is enough to shake it well, and pour it into glasses full of ice. You don't even have to worry about decoration, because we put it for you in a set with the Bottled Cocktails of your choice.

Doesn't that sound like the perfect solution for your next meeting with friends? Cheers!

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