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Welcome to the blog part of our company. We will be here to share with you interesting facts about our products; the seasonality of our cocktails; how and why we use such ingredients for their creation. You will also find a summary of our events and some small tips on how to enrich your cocktail experience.

1. Vegg White

We would like to start today's entry by announcing that Vegg White is one of the first products that will be available at the beginning of October.

The name comes from a word game connected with the product, which Vegg White is a substitute for. It is, of course, about egg white.

The substitute we propose will differ in terms of what you can find on the gastronomic market so far.

Here are some significant facts about our product.

Vegg White - is 100% plant-based.

Vegg White - is neutral in taste and smell, which gives 100% of the taste experience of the other cocktail ingredients without leaving an unbearable taste and smell of egg or aquafaba.

Vegg White - has 4 times less calories than egg white (only 14kcal per 100g)

Vegg White - is used in the same way and in the same quantity as egg white. This makes it unnecessary to change the recpeturings of well-known and popular classic cocktails.

Vegg White - can also be used for the production of molecular foams (so-called espumas).

Vegg White - has a longer expiry date after opening from classic egg white.

As you can see, it is a product that has a wide range of applications and we are extremely proud of this fact.

We will soon be sharing with you the recipes of our favourite classic cocktails, in which you can use our product. Cheers!

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